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Why is my carpet wrinkling?

Have you noticed that your carpet is becoming wrinkled and unsightly? These wrinkles in your carpet could also have started to become a trip hazard and unsafe for those in your home. Perhaps you have only just noticed the wrinkles like they seem to have appeared overnight? This is because when sunlight pours through the window, the wrinkles can stand out even more.

Fully fitted carpets can sometimes develop wrinkles for several reasons, the most common being due to carpet tracks becoming loose or heavy furniture being pushed across the carpet. Delamination of the backing, or even water damage from a leak or flood can also cause wrinkling. It’s important to note that here at Hereward Carpets we offer a free 12-month aftercare service with all fitted flooring. This includes any re-stretching required to get wrinkles out within the first year.

It is important to get the wrinkles out of your carpet because they can become prominent trip hazards. Even minor wrinkles in your carpet will be high enough to catch the sole of a shoe and cause someone to trip or fall over. Wrinkled carpet can also detract from the overall appearance of the room, making it look old, outdated, or uncared for. Over time, wrinkled carpets can become more damaged too as the wrinkles fold the carpet causing the latex in the backing to crack and delaminate from the carpet tufts.

The footfall can be more damaging to the yarn of the carpet when your carpet is wrinkling too. The wrinkles are bearing the brunt of the foot traffic. In turn, this means that the carpet will wear at a faster rate. You can find that your door swing can be the cause of wrinkled carpet too. This is because if there is not enough clearance under the door for the depth of underlay and carpet, the doors drag on the carpet. Over time, this can result in wrinkled carpeting. In turn, this will impede the door swing. When we install your carpet, we can look at your doors to ensure they do not cause drag on the carpet. If there is not enough door clearance after your new carpet is fitted, the fitters will remove the door, but they will not trim it. Door trimming is carpentry work, and therefore you will need to contact a carpenter to pop over and trim the door to the correct height.

If you have noticed wrinkles in your carpet, give us a call to arrange a convenient appointment for the fitters to pop over and restretch the carpet. This will help your carpet last longer and avoid the cost of replacing the carpet before you have to!