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If you have recently had a wool carpet fitted, take a look at the Woolsafe spot removal advice videos below.

There is nothing worse than having a lovely new carpet fitted, and then spilling something on it. As wool is not as easily cleaned as polypropylene, more care must be taken in our day-to-day lives. Of course, you can order protection sprays such as Guardsman, to be applied prior to fitting, but this is an additional cost that not everyone will want to pay. However, Hereward Carpets is proud to be a Woolsafe-approved carpet retailer, and along with supplying fantastic flooring, we have how-to tools to help you look after it.

Embrace the benefits of wool

So don’t be afraid of buying a wool carpet. With the added environment, health and insulation benefits, cleaning spills and stains has just become a lot easier.

From coffee, juice and your favourite wine, to food, candle wax, blood and more, take a look a the helpful videos below, or check out the consumer advice and stain-wizard. (There is even an App!)

Woolsafe Approved Carpet Retiler