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With the media promising a heatwave in the coming weeks, once again, it becomes increasingly important to keep our homes cool. A cool home is a more comfortable home. While there are obvious ways of keeping cool at home, like opening windows and doors or wearing looser clothing – curtains and blinds can help with keeping your home cool too.

Regulating sunlight with curtains

Curtains and blinds are a versatile way of regulating the amount of heat that enters your home. They will also regulate the sunlight coming into your home, which will also help with keeping your home cool – even on the hottest days of summer.

Opting for lighter-coloured curtains and blinds made of lighter fabrics will really help cool your rooms. Have a look at curtains and blinds made from cotton, linen and similar sheer fabrics. These will help the breeze flow gently through your home. Meanwhile, the lighter colours will help to reflect the sun, as opposed to absorbing it and making the room warmer.

Blackout curtains add an element of elegance to your rooms. However, they can also provide effective heat insulation. The insulating properties of blackout blinds can prevent heat from penetrating your room and therefore keep it at a more comfortable temperature. The fabric will help to block out the sunlight too, making it easier to sleep during the shorter dark nights and longer bright days.

Blinds can regulate airflow

Blinds are one of the best ways to maximise the airflow in your house. They can easily control the amount of sunlight and airflow you want to enter your home. If your windows face north, opening your blinds will not affect the direct sunlight entering your home during the day. Meanwhile, vertical blinds with adjustable slats allow you to easily regulate the amount of sunlight coming in. You can easily tilt horizontal blinds to direct sunlight away from the room too. As the temperature outside drops in the evening, you can open the blinds to ventilate your home and freshen your rooms.

Layering your windows

You might want to consider doubling up layers to turn your rooms into a mini cool oasis away from the heat. A net curtain will help to diffuse the direct sunlight. They will also give you the added bonus of privacy in your home during the day. Adding a thermal, or blackout curtain will help to provide an extra barrier against the heat. Layering your windows in this way will allow you to have more control over your light, temperature and privacy.

The ideas we have given will create a calm, cool and comfortable environment at home. But if you still need help choosing the right curtains or blinds to keep your home cool this summer, contact our team or pop into our showroom to check out what we have on offer.