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More carpet for your money with our Best Value range

Affordable carpets make the decision a bit easier

You may require a carpet that is lower in budget. For example, a large quantity of carpet in one purchase, a small spare bedroom that has little use, recarpeting a rental home, or you simply do not wish to spend a lot on your flooring. To meet these needs, we have a large range of carpets that are on the lower end of budgets, and these include short twist piles, loop piles and felt-backed carpets.

Our discounted carpet roll stock is always the best value for money. Included in the stock we have are ranges called Prestige Twist Classic, Sorrento and Marlow.

There are many benefits of a budget carpet, including that the majority are bleach cleanable and easy to maintain. Carpets with hessian backing require underlay and grippers, which does add additional costs to the order, but we do have a lower grade of underlay to keep these costs down. A felt-backed carpet does not require the underlay or grippers and can be laid straight down on the subfloor. Although it is not as soft underfoot, this is most definitely an option for lower-budget needs or even reasons such as low door clearance.

Whether you are choosing from our stock ranges or ordering from our vast selections of budget carpets, we are sure we can meet your needs. Please pop in and see us for more information.

A sample of some of our Best Value range of carpets


Marlow is a fantastic cost-effective ‘Loop’ pile carpet. Offering durability in higher traffic areas such as the hall, stairs, landing, and study. Marlow is made from stain-resistant polypropylene and is very ideal for rental properties due to the price point. This carpet is not suitable if you have pets.

Prestige Twist Classic

The Prestige Twist offers an extensive palette of 16 inspiring colours including blue and gold. Yes, not just grey! We have hand-selected very stylish colours of the ‘Classic’ weight for our showroom stock. The collection is also available to order in the heavier weight ‘Elite’.

The short and dense twist pile carpet made from 100% polypropylene, ensures that this is ideal for high-traffic areas such as the lounge, hall, stairs and landing. Due to our competitive price and stocking of this fantastic carpet, it is also ideal for rental properties and lower budgets. This carpet range is bleach cleanable and has added peace of mind of 10 years wear, and a lifetime stain guarantee.

Primo Choice ‘Elite’

Primo Choice is an easy-clean twist pile in a collection of practical heather shades. This carpet is stain-resistant, bleach cleanable, and comes with the added advantage of a 10-year Stain Guarantee. Primo Choice ‘Elite’  is also available in a lower pile weight option, “Super”.


Sorrento is a beautiful and plush nylon pile carpet on felt backing making this range a fantastic price point for bedrooms and rentals. As this range is felt-backed, it can be laid with or without underlay, which suits lower budgets. The colours in stock offer a subtle colour bank to suit any decor!

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