Furnishing your holiday home is a hugely important part of your holiday letting journey. Thinking about what your holiday home will look like when your guests arrive, but also how well it will withstand guests staying in your holiday home, gives you a lot to think about. So, start at the ground and work up. Choosing the best flooring for your holiday home will ensure that your holiday home looks as good as new for years to come.

Style and durability

It’s important to think about style when flooring your holiday home. However, you need to think about durability too. You don’t want to be replacing the flooring every year after the summer season. This is why we have put together some recommendations for the best flooring for your holiday home so they will last the test of time.

Living room recommendations

When it comes to the living room of your holiday home, we would recommend floors that are easy to clean and maintain. This is especially the case if the front door opens into the living room. Guests may have muddy, sandy or grassy feet and you don’t want this ground into your thick carpet.

Laminate flooring or LVT has this suitability as they are really easy to maintain and they have stain and scratch guard layers. This is especially ideal if you have a holiday home that is pet-friendly. Opting for laminate flooring or LVT may cost a little more now, but it will save you money in the long run. Our Impressive collection of laminate flooring, or Bloom LVT would fit the bill perfectly.

However, carpet is ideal if you want to create a warm and homely feel. We would recommend opting for a carpet that has natural stain resistance, but if you would like to have wool carpets, we would highly recommend our carpet protection spray. The Guardsman protection spray does not allow the spillage to penetrate the fibres straight away, meaning more time to dash off to get a cloth. However, the protection spray will not last the life of the carpet and will need to be reapplied in time to come. Using carpets such as Stainfree Ultra and Invictus Magnificus offers stain protection as the fibres are polypropylene. This means that diluted bleach can be used to clean stains without the risk of colour loss. Pentwist or Charter Berber Deluxe are fantastic examples of wool carpets that will offer wear and durability.

Kitchen recommendations

Vinyl flooring or LVT are ideal for a kitchen in a holiday let. This is because the kitchen is often a high-traffic area with a risk of spillages. Although vinyl flooring can be mopped as it is waterproof, it can be easily damaged with dropped knives or furniture dragged over it. Therefore, for an excellent level of durability, we would recommend having LVT flooring. With 25+ years of wear warranty, stain and scratch guard layers, and 100% waterproof, you cannot go wrong. Having a jazzy vinyl such as Queenstex, or a subtle herringbone LVT from our Ciro range, you’re spoilt for choice.

Bedroom recommendations

When it comes to the bedroom, guests will expect a carpet because it is warm and comfy flooring. If you’re not keen on a carpet, you could always use rugs on hard flooring to make it cosy. Carpet is recommended for the bedroom but be careful with which you choose. It would be beneficial to choose a hardwearing carpet that is easy to clean versus a thick saxony pile carpet that you can sink your toes in. Although the plush pile will feel superior, the appearance is quickly sacrificed. With many guests staying throughout the year, thicker pile carpets will start to look matted and tired in a short period of time. Pure Elegance will tick both boxes, as it has a softer underfoot feeling whilst keeping the pile short and dense. With stain-free for life protection and a 12-year wear warranty.  

Bathroom recommendations

The bathroom or wet room in your holiday let should have flooring that is easily washable. High-quality vinyl flooring is ideal in these areas as they are waterproof. Why not try some subtle tones from our Denvertex range or go all out with San Diego? Carpets are never recommended in bathrooms because they will soak up the water and moisture from the air and this can turn into mould over time.

If you’re still not sure about the right flooring for your holiday home, give our friendly team a call or pop into our showroom. We can talk through the options with you and help you choose the best flooring that will last.

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