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Here at Hereward Carpets, we have a lot of different flooring options for you to consider. When you have settled on a carpet, you will be faced with even more options. After all, your flooring will last you many years to come so it is important that you choose the right flooring for you and your home. In this blog post, we look at the advantages of wool carpets to help you decide if a wool carpet could be the best option for your home. There are lots of advantages to buying wool carpets. These advantages are in both the environmental and performance sides. So, let’s look at why you might want to consider a wood carpet as the perfect flooring solution for your needs.

Environmentally Friendly

Wool is a perfectly natural resource, and it has been used sustainably for many, many years. It is 100% natural and as the shearing of sheep takes place each year, every year the carpet industry has a new supply of wool. Natural fibre such as wool is also a source of an air purifier as it traps airborne dust and toxins offering allergy sufferers a more comfortable environment.

Energy Efficient

Wool has proven to be an energy-efficient material for the home. Just think about how warm your woolly jumper, hat or scarf keeps you in the cold weather. The warmth is trapped in the fibres of the carpet and aids insulation. Wool carpets can also help to keep your home cool too, as the fibres reduce the amount of heat coming up through the floor.


At the end of its life, in quite a few years to come, a wool carpet will be biodegradable. This means that it will compost easily while helping to enrich the soil. As the wool breaks down it will produce nitrogen, sulphur, carbon dioxide and water. These are all essential plant nutrients.

Made to Last

Wool is stronger and more resilient than any other manmade fibres. This means that wool carpets are built to last. You may notice that a wool carpet might cost slightly more than other carpets in comparison. However, your wool carpet will far outlive its synthetic flooring competitor.

Maintains Its Appearance

Wool has a natural ‘bounce-back’ quality. This helps to avoid the carpet pile from becoming flattened and helps the carpet maintain its appearance over time. The great thing about wool as a material is that it can stretch and compress, like a coiled spring. This means that it will return to its original shape after being flattened. In turn, this is why wool carpets are ideal for high-traffic areas.

Soil Resistant

Wool carpets have an inbuilt resistance to soiling. In addition to this, wool will repel spills initially. All your wool carpet needs is regular vacuuming to keep it looking good. If there are any liquid spillages, a quick blot with an absorbent cloth or paper towel will deal with it easily.

Flame Resistant

Wool is flame retardant and can actually self-extinguish. Also, these types of carpets can produce less smoke or toxic fumes and will not melt. Due to its high ignition temperature, it is difficult to ignite, therefore there is an extremely low flame spread.

The Campaign For Wool – The Dumfries House Declaration 

Wool is one of the earliest raw materials used not only in carpet manufacturing but also clothing. The high percentage of wool content used in a square yard of carpet results in a vast quantity continuously required. Therefore, many manufacturers here in the UK (and across the world) such as Abingdon Flooring, Cormar Carpets, Brintons and Ulster to name but a few actively support The Campaign for Wool, with His Majesty King Charles lll as the global patron. His Majesty remains actively involved in the campaign and The Dumfries House Declaration, which was endorsed on the 9th of September 2016 in Scotland, is a ten-point declaration of intent to support an environmentally sustainable, and responsible wool industry. The conference held at Dumfries House, brought 250 leading members of the wool supply chain – from the farm, right to the store. The discussion highlighted the challenges wool faces, and how its use can benefit the planet.

(click here for full support of The Wool Campaign) 

These are just some of the many and more practical advantages of wool carpets. However, the main reason that wool carpets are so popular is that they offer softness and warmth underfoot. They give your home that luxurious feel while naturally insulating your home. If you’d like to see our range of wool carpets, you’d be very welcome to visit our showroom. We can show you the different flooring options and help you decide which will work best for you and your flooring needs.