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When you visit our carpet showroom in Peterborough you will see a huge selection of carpet remnants. These have a variety of uses. Not only are carpet remnants ideal for fitting in bedrooms for example, and saving a little extra money, another common use of a carpet remnant is to have a custom-made rug. This can be made to suit the shape and size* of the room and the space that needs covering with the rug.

However, when making a rug from carpet remnants, the edges of the carpet need to be bound, this stops the rug from fraying or unravelling. Look no further, as here at Hereward Carpets, we offer an in-house binding service.

What Is Carpet Binding?

Carpet binding (also known as carpet whipping) is when you take a piece of carpet and apply stitching to the edges. This is done to avoid the carpet from wearing out or unravelling over time. Buying a carpet remnant from our showroom has no ‘finished’ edges, so it is not ideal to just lay it in the room as a rug. The benefit of a custom-made rug is that we can cut the remnant down to any size that you need. We can then bind the edges to make the perfect rug. Binding can also be done on remnants to create a runner, for example. We really can create a rug based on the needs of your space and room.

The Methods of Carpet Binding

There are three common methods of carpet binding. These are binding, serging and fringing. The process of binding is sewing a piece of binding tape to the edges of the carpet. When it comes to serging, stitches are continuously wrapped around the edge of the carpet with yarn. If you have an oriental rug, you will find that fringing is more popular for carpet binding. This is where a fringe, or tassels are attached to both sides of the rug. The method we use here in the showroom is Serging, and we have many different shades of wool yarn. When binding your carpet, we aim to match the yarn as closely as possible to the carpet shade, however, a perfect match is not guaranteed. You may also want to discuss the shade of yarn required if your carpet includes a multitude of colours, such as a bold and bright striped design.

What Carpet Binding Is Used For

Carpet edge binding is the process of turning carpet remnants into useful rugs or mats. This can be used for aesthetic or practical purposes. Some of our customers chose to place their rugs in rooms that have hard surfaces. This helps add a level of warmth and softness to a hard-floored room. They can also be used to add a splash of colour or a focal point to a room. Some customers prefer to place rugs, mats and runners in doorways, corridors or high-traffic areas. This is to prevent the flooring underneath from suffering premature wear. Custom-made caravan and motorhome mats are also possible, pop over to our Binding page for a little more information!

Here at Hereward Carpets, we can create a rug, mat or runner to suit your individual style and taste, spaces and rooms. Tell us what you are looking for and we can help find and create the perfect flooring solution for you.

*Please note that we can bind up to 9sm (depending on the pile type and weight)