Here at Hereward Carpets, we have a wide range of flooring options in our showroom in Peterborough. When choosing new flooring for your home it can sometimes feel overwhelming. With so many choices, how can you make the right choice for you and your home? We are here to help. If you pop into our flooring shop, we can talk you through the options available and help you to the right decision, based on your needs, home, and budget.

So, let’s look at why we think carpet is ideal for bedrooms. 

  • It’s Warm & Comfortable 

When it comes to bedrooms, this will be one of the main rooms where you spend most of your time with bare feet. You want something warm and comfortable under your feet when you get out of bed on a cold morning. No other flooring option can compete with comfort and warmth when it comes to carpets. The warmth and comfort of the carpet is the key reason a lot of homeowners choose carpet over laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, or luxury vinyl tiles in the bedroom.

  • It’s Sound Dampening 

Another great thing about carpet in the bedroom is that it absorbs noise better than any other flooring option. This is ideal if you are trying to creep out of a child’s room at bedtime, or not wakethe whole family when getting ready for an early shift at work. Due to the sound-dampening capabilities of the carpet, it creates a relaxing bedroom environment. There are some other sound-dampening flooring options out there, but they don’t compare when you want the softness of acarpet in your bedroom. 

  • It’s Easy To Maintain 

Your bedroom should be a space that you enjoy and relax in. You’ll spend time changing your bed and quickly dusting, but you shouldn’t have to spend hours cleaning your bedroom. This is wherethe carpet is once again a popular flooring option in the bedroom. 90% of the time, all your carpet needs is a quick vacuum and it’s clean. You don’t need to mop, polish or sweep the floor. Then, once every two years, you should have the carpet professionally cleaned to keep it looking its best and to maintain the validity of the manufacturer’s stain warranty. 

These are just three of the reasons that we think carpet is the perfect flooring solution for yourbedroom. If you’d like to book a free measuring service or borrow some samples to view in your own home, pop into our showroom or give us a call.