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The Easter holidays will soon be upon us. This symbolises different things for different people. Easter is filled with thoughts of Jesus Christ, lambs, school holidays, long bank holiday weekends, and of course chocolate eggs. However, easter also signifies spring. Spring brings the reminder of a Spring Clean! In this blog post, we share some easter holiday floor cleaning tips to keep your home looking at its best through the easter holidays and spring season.

When it comes to a spring clean, you need to start with the upholstery. This includes sofas and chairs. Cleaning them first will prevent any dust or debris from falling onto the floor. Make sure you give your cupboards a good clean, and then you can work on cleaning your flooring. 

3 Carpet cleaning tips

If the carpets are fairly clean due to your regular vacuum routine, a quick flick round is all that may be needed. However, if you have some stubborn stains lurking around from the winter period, take a look at these handy tips;

  1. If you have polypropylene carpets, you can give the stains a clean with diluted bleach. One of our most popular carpets is manufactured by Abingdon Flooring, and they pride themselves on their award-winning ranges that offer the ‘Stainfree For Life‘ badge. So if you cannot remove a stain yourself or a professional cleaner also struggles, Abingdon will change your carpet free of charge under this warranty. Of course, there are step-by-step instructions that must be followed to ensure your warranty is valid. Click here to read more about the ‘Stainfree For Life’ warranty. 
  2. If your carpet has a wool content, cleaning it can be a little more tricky and more care is required. Please read the ingredients of any carpet cleaner as some may not be suitable. Harsh chemicals such as bleach will strip the dye from your carpet, so please be careful. A lot of our wool carpet manufacturers offer the Wool Owners Warranty. This includes a free 12-month service and will ensure your carpet is covered should anything drastic happen during this time. They also offer specialist professional cleaners, and you are appointed one at the point of registration. 
  3. The Woolsafe Organisation offers an easy-to-use guide for removing common stains from all types of carpets and rugs. The Stain Wizard allows you to select the type of stain and you are given the best advice on how to clean it. It couldn’t be any more simple. 

Hard flooring cleaning tips 

If you have vinyl flooring, laminate flooring or LVT, a sweep with a soft bristle brush will do the trick. As vinyl flooring and LVT are waterproof, you can mop the flooring with warm pH-balanced soapy water, or a pH-balanced floor cleaner. Leave the floor to fully dry before walking on it – pro tip – mop in the direction of the planks to avoid drying streaks.

To clean laminate flooring, do not use a traditional mop and bucket, this will saturate the flooring. All that is required is a microfibre-style mop with a spray bottle dispenser. Simply pour the pH-balanced cleaning solution into the chamber and spray away. Check out our blog on maintaining your laminate flooring for further tips and advice. 

The all-important easter egg hunt 

Remember – in the all-important easter egg hunt, every nook and cranny will be looked spied in by your guests. Make sure every single space that’s big enough for an easter bunny to hide a treat has been cleaned!

Many people celebrate Easter Sunday with family and friends coming to their homes. If you are having guests at your home this easter, you want to keep your home as clean as you can, and your flooring protected. There will be chocolate being eaten throughout the house, heavy footfall, and maybe muddy shoes from the garden. 

Consider doormats in and outside of your home to try and partially clean shoes as the egg hunters come in and out of your home. A rug or runner could also help protect your flooring if you have small children or lots of guests. 

Get to accidents quickly

If you do see several muddy shoe prints, melted chocolate or spilt drinks, the key is to get to accidents quickly. By cleaning them up as soon as possible, they are easier to clean, making stubborn stains less likely, and this will protect your flooring in the long run. 

When you give your home a spring clean you may notice wear and tear on your flooring. This is especially the case if you have had it for some time. Here at Hereward Carpets, we are having an Easter Sale on some of our carpets and flooring. Pop in to see us this Easter, or give us a call to see what we have on offer.