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Aftercare and maintenance

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We have put together some useful hints, tips, and guidance for keeping your new floors looking fantastic for longer. However, if you are in any doubt or need further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us

Carpet Maintenance

  • We recommend that loop pile carpets are hoovered with a cylinder style of hoover (Henry Hoover). Beater bars are not recommended as this disturbs the carpet fibres and can create ‘bobbling’ appearance.
  • We recommend twist pile carpets are hoovered with an upright style hoover (Dyson), as the beater bar helps to disturb the pile bringing up the dirt more efficiently.
  • We recommend you vacuum 2-3 times per week to maintain the appearance of the carpet.
  • Using a large doormat at the front and back doors will help reduce dirt being spread onto the carpet.
  • Removing shoes and avoiding using slippers, will also help to maintain the pile appearance.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • The most important flooring aftercare tip is; don’t allow the spill to dry, get to it immediately
  • Blot with kitchen towel, or a dry, clean cloth. Work from the outside of the stain inwards
  • Semi-solid substances should be removed with a spatula
  • Do not rub vigorously
  • If you have a 100% Polypropylene carpet, stains can be removed using 1:6 bleach/water mix. Do not bleach clean wool carpets
  • Blot with clean warm water – do not oversoak

Manufacturer Stain and Wear Warranties

Flooring Aftercare & maintenanceThe majority of our polypropylene carpets and vinyl flooring offer a stain and wear warranty as standard. However, most of the floorings have to be registered with the manufacturer for the warranties to be valid.

Please click on the relevant link to register your warranty today.

Cormar Carpets | Abingdon Flooring| Associated Weavers – Invictus / Vivendi | Lifestyle Floors 


Carpet Guidance

Twist pile carpets will shed excess fibres from the manufacturing stage for a short period when first fitted. Shedding is natural and common and is not a manufacturing fault.

All twist pile carpets will flatten over time, especially in high traffic areas. This can give the appearance of different shades, which is caused by the pile reflecting the light in different directions. This is not a manufacturing fault or detrimental to the wear of the carpet. Regular hoovering will help to reduce this.

Furniture will create indentations in the pile as it is crushed. Regularly moving furniture around will help, and using a coin to gently tease the pile upright will improve the appearance.

Long tufts;
After having your carpet fitted, you may find some stray long tufts. If your carpet is a twist pile, you can carefully cut the pile with sharp scissors, level with the carpet pile. This does not affect the appearance or wear of the carpet.

Wool carpets fade over time, this is caused by exposure to the sunlight (UV) which ‘bleaches’ the wool fibres. The speed of the process depends on the level of exposure, therefore, draw curtains or use blinds, and try to move furniture round regularly if possible

Loop carpets can often collect fibres on the pile surface forming little balls, also known as bobbling on clothing. To avoid this appearance, use a cylinder style hoover (Henry) and avoid rubber sole shoes and slippers on the carpet.

Pressure lines;
You may find after fitting that you have a line approximately 30-40cm in from one wall. This is known as a pressure line and is caused by the carpet being rolled and stored on a cardboard pole until it is fitted. The first roll where the carpet meets the carpet again, causes the pile to be crushed. This will fade in 2-3 weeks as the pile relaxes and will improve with hoovering. This is not a manufacturing fault.

Door Trimming

Due to the thickness of some carpets with new underlay, your doors may need to be trimmed. Door trimming is carpentry work and will not be carried out by the carpet fitter.

We recommend you to contact;

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