Here at Hereward Carpets, we have a wide selection of flooring options from different manufacturers. In some of our recent blog posts, we have shone a spotlight on some of these flooring companies and why we recommend them. In this blog post, we look at Furlong Flooring and why you may want to purchase their flooring from our showroom in Peterborough.

British Made

Furlong Flooring is a British flooring manufacturer and supplier. They have some serious heritage in the world of flooring too. The business has over 30 years of experience working with buyers, contractors, retailers and house builders. They pride themselves on offering a range of flooring solutions for every room. The business always delivers on price, as well as style and quality. In addition, all carpets and flooring from Furlong Flooring come with outstanding service commitments. This is why the team here at Hereward Carpets are proud to offer our customers carpet from the manufacturer.

A bulging portfolio of flooring

Furlong Flooring is pleased to be able to offer flooring solutions for every room. They offer Regency Carpets, Natural Solutions and Design Elements brands all under one roof, under one company name. The business offers our customers a complete portfolio of flooring products. This includes something for every requirement and price point.

Their portfolio includes carpet flooring, wood flooring, LVT flooring, laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. In addition to this, they offer long-lasting and industry-leading warranties. 


Furlong Floorings warranties protect against more than just food and drink stains. Instead, the company are so confident in its flooring that they guarantee it’s performance, appearance, wearability and protection. When it comes to buying carpets manufactured by Furlong Flooring you can rest assured that everything is covered in your warranty, apart from gloss paint.

Why not pop into our flooring showroom in Werrington and check out the ranges we have from some of the best carpet manufacturers in the industry? We will happily show you around and help you choose the right flooring for your home, taste, needs and budget. We also offer with no obligation, a FREE measuring service, a FREE sample service, and a FREE 12-month fitting aftercare service.