One of the questions we are asked most when it comes to kitchen flooring is; “Should the flooring be lighter or darker than the kitchen cabinets”. Here at Hereward Carpets, we have very friendly, personable and knowledgeable staff who are extremely happy to help customers in choosing the right shade of flooring to suit their decor and space.

Within our large Peterborough showroom, we have a vast range of carpet roll stock, carpet and vinyl remnants, and plenty (too many!) of sample books. This ensures our customers are spoilt for choice. Enabling you to see, feel and choose the right flooring. We even have a sample loan service, so you can see the flooring in your own home before you purchase.

No right or wrong answers here

When it comes to selecting the right flooring shade to complement your kitchen fittings and units, it’s important to note that there are no right or wrong answers to this question. However, the general rule of thumb, and what we think works well, is darker flooring with light cabinets. Vice versa. If you have dark cabinets, we recommend lighter flooring. This helps you to strike a balance with contrast and visually assists the appearance of opening up the space in your kitchen.

We aren’t insisting on an extreme monochromatic look, with white flooring and black cabinets, or black flooring with white cabinets. Unless you want to of course! Instead, we are encouraging you to experiment with contrasting textures and tones, to get the kitchen style that works best for you.

Some homeowners choose to opt for two dominant colours in their kitchen. They are then able to introduce a minor accent colour. This is done to compliment the kitchen aesthetic and it can work really well.

Making a room appear larger than it really is

Another thought process behind the right flooring colour for your kitchen is based on the size of the room and the natural light in the room. Too many similar darker shades of cabinets, work surfaces and appliances in a smaller area like a kitchen, can overwhelm a space and make it feel enclosed. That said, if you’re all about the drama, an over-the-top dark kitchen can scream luxury and elegance. If you have a smaller kitchen, it is highly recommended that keeping to lighter colours makes a space seem larger. Lighter kitchen cabinets and surfaces can still be matched with lighter shades of flooring.

It really depends on what you want for your home. So pop into our showroom today to get started with your space and requirements.