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Here at Hereward Carpets, we have a wide selection of flooring and carpet ranges available. Every customer and every home is different. Therefore providing a wide selection of flooring options, we know we will have the perfect flooring for every customer and their home. Just one of the brands of carpet we sell is Abingdon Flooring. In this blog we look at the benefits of carpets manufactured by Abingdon Flooring, and why you might choose this for your home.

High quality with a royal stamp

One of the great things about Abingdon Flooring Carpets is the high-quality and luxurious carpet options within their vast portfolio of ranges. Some of which even had the royal stamp of approval and were given the Royal Charter. Their ranges offer an array of colours to suit the style of most homes. Along with different designs and pile content combinations. You can be sure to find the ideal carpet for your lounging rooms, stairs, landing, bedrooms, and even office or study spaces. Enhancing your home décor beautifully and bringing warmth to your rooms.

Polypropylene or Wool is the question

There are a few factors that create a high-quality carpet. The first choice you have is whether you are looking for a polypropylene or wool-content carpet. Abingdon Flooring offers ranges made from 100% polypropylene, Wool, and Polyester. The next step is to decide on the fibre and pile type that best suits the room in question. 

Polypropylene is a durable and stain-resistant fibre. This makes it a relatively trouble-free carpet that is easy to clean, it can even be bleach-cleaned! Short and dense polypropylene carpets are ideal for high-traffic areas such as the hall, stairs, landing and study. One of the best-selling examples is Stainfree Twist & Stainfree Ultra. A luxury Saxony pile carpet offers an extremely soft carpet that feels great underfoot. Stainfree Olympus is the perfect carpet in your bedroom to really sink your toes into first thing on those cold winter mornings! 

Wool has always led the way for not only being hardwearing but also ticking boxes for the environment and your health. The natural and sustainable wool fibres are more durable than polypropylene, are biodegradable, trap dust and create better air quality. This is a must for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Wool carpets such as Royal Charter, and Royal Windsor are ideal for anywhere in the home. However, we would advise that you avoid rooms with large windows allowing the sun’s UV rays to cast onto the fibres. UV rays will bleach the dyed wool and will fade over time. 

Abingdon Floorings’ award-winning carpet – Wild Silk, is part of The Love Story Collection and is made from Polyester. Offering a pile that is as smooth as silk, there really is too much choice. 

Want a Lifetime Stain Guarantee?

All of Abingdon Floorings’ polypropylene carpets offer a lifetime stain guarantee. The lifetime stain guarantee covers the carpet for all household food and drink stains for the life of the carpet. The carpet must be registered with Abingdon Flooring Ltd. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Although Abingdon Flooring offers a 10 or 12-year wear warranty on their wool carpets, naturally, wool carpets are not covered by the lifetime stain guarantee. However, the Woolsafe organisation offer great cleaning and maintenance advice

Pop in and have a chat with us

The main benefits of Abingdon Flooring carpets are that they are durable, great value for money and available in unlimited colours and styles. Offering soft and luxurious comfort gives you the perfect flooring to work, sit or play. Reducing noise and improving air quality in your home, gives you a more peaceful place to relax. Why not pop into our carpet showroom in Peterborough to see the range of flooring we have available, or click here for more about Abingdon Flooring?