One of the most frequently asked questions is which type of Hoover should I use for my new carpet? A question which is most important for your carpet type I might add!

First things first, we should point out that the word ‘hoover’ is not actually correct and should actually be referred to as a vacuum cleaner. ‘Hoover’ is a very well-known brand founded in 1908 by William Henry Hoover*  but lots of people (including us sometimes) call it ‘doing the hoovering’! It just rolls off the tongue!

Ok, so there are a few general types of domestic vacuum cleaners which we’ll explain below:

Cylinder/suction style

If you have purchased a ‘loop’ pile carpet then this is the type we would recommend as this type just sucks the dust up without causing any damage to the surface of the carpet. Some common brands for this style would be Henry or Miele.

If an upright type with a beater bar was used, then over time the surface of a loop pile carpet can be damaged and look a little unsightly. A beater bar would cause damage to a loop pile carpet if it were to snag on a loose loop. This would result in a loop pull and cause a line in your carpet.

Just one of the carpet ranges we have in stock here in the showroom that would be suitable for a cylinder vacuum cleaner is Marlow.

Upright style

As the name suggests, this is an upright cleaner with a ‘beater’ bar housed in the suction area that makes contact with the carpet. This type of hoover vacuum cleaner should be used with twist pile carpets so the spinning beater bar can brush up and agitate the carpet pile to reduce the amount of pile flattening over time.

Some common brands of this style would be Dyson, Shark or Hoover. Just some of the carpets we stock, and that would benefit most from this style of vacuum are Juno and Sorrento

You can even get a little creative with thicker pile carpets needing a brand such as Shark! Why not try hoovering lines into your carpet? Check out the blog by Shark for the best tips and tricks.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

Cordless ‘Stick’ style

This a relatively modern style of vacuum cleaner which is very lightweight and versatile which makes them really easy to push along with minimal effort required.  This style would also normally come with a ‘beater bar’ which would also agitate the carpet pile like an upright cleaner.

The downside to this type of vacuum is that your cleaning time can be limited to the battery life before recharging is required. It will also need emptying more often due to the smaller catchment pot.

Some common brands of this style would be Dyson and Shark.

If in doubt – give us a call

There are other types such as robotic or wet/dry carpet cleaners but the ones above are the most commonly used.

We hope you have found this useful, but if you’re still unsure about which type of cleaner or carpet you have, why not give us a bell?

*Ref; from Wikipedia