Have you got hard flooring in your home? If you’re looking to add some cosiness and warmth to your home, why not consider a rug? In this blog, we look at some of the reasons that you might want to consider purchasing a rug this winter.


One of the great things about floor rugs in your home is that they offer a cost-effective way to create additional warmth to your home. The winter days are cold, and the nights are colder. With energy costs still inflated, it’s understandable that homeowners are looking for tips and tricks to keep the home warm without having to pay for a large energy bill. 

Family and friends within your home will be more likely to feel the chill with hard flooring. However, a rug not only creates a warm and cosy feeling. It also gives you a soft and cosy landing for your feet to keep them warm and snug.


Rugs are not only versatile, but they are low maintenance too. Many homeowners don’t want carpets in their homes or feel that carpeted flooring isn’t right for all the rooms in the home. This is where rugs can give you all the benefits of carpet, while still keeping the hard flooring look you want. The rugs can be used in the colder months and put away in the warmer months. You can also have rugs to suit the seasons of the year, such as a neutral-tone rug in the summer and something thick and fluffy in the winter, for example.

Interior trends are always changing. If you want to stay ahead of the latest home interior trends and popular colours, then a rug could be for you. It will allow you to match the latest trends, and swap as a new trend comes along.


Explore our range of rugs today, either online or in our showroom in Peterborough. We have the rug you want to give your home an instant lift.